Custom House Plans & Designs

With Custom Design Homes, it is important to achieve a functional design that will fulfil our client’s needs as well as cost effective to be constructed. The first stage of the design starts with client’s design brief. Once design brief is assessed, the designer/architect will come up with a concept design. The concept design will be done by considering some of the design aspects below :

– Slope of the land

– Size of the land

– North orientation of the site

– Any restrictions that will affect the design

Once concept design is completed, it is important for our client to analyse the concept design and provide a feedback.
After the concept stage is completed and all the final adjustments have been done. The next stage will be Working Drawings.

Working Drawings involves the items below:

– Site Plan

– Floor Plans / roof plan

– Elevations

– Sections & Details

After completion of the working drawings, the next stage will be obtaining a building permit for the construction.
Find out more about Building Permit Process

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