Stages of Town Planning Permit

The time frame of the Town Planning permit will depend on several things:
First of all,The design of your project will depend on the size and shape of your land.Every single project we do at Archinspire We custom design all of our projects.The design gets done by considering and overlays or restrictions on your land,which might affect the design.Also The orientation of the site with the sun,in accordance with the shadows made on the neighboring properties.Parking for vehicles and proper space for turning cars,Adjoining land windows near the boundary.The sloping of the land and several other factors.To find out if your land has overlay or and restrictions for you to start your project,Please contact us to receive FREE SITE REPORT

The town planning submission set will include :

Land surveying drawings
Architectural drawings
Area analysis
Arborist report(if required by your local council)
Town planning report
Matherial Schedule

Afer the coulcil submission,Stages as follows:

Application checked by a town planner
Further information-if town planner requires
issue of public notification-This stage is to notify your neighbours about the new development.
Town Planner final assessment
Decision by the Council

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