Can I Subdivide my Land in Victoria?

How to subdivide a land ? or Can I subdivide my backyard ? These are the questions on most of the home owners mind. To find out whether you can subdivide your land or not, First thing to look at is Zone and Overlays of the Land.

The zone determines the use of the land. Whether if it is a residential , commercial or a business zone. Zoning is the way the governments control the physical development of land and the kinds of uses to which each individual property may be put. Most of the residential zones will be suitable for a Dual occupancy or a Multi Unit Development. Also the commercial and business zones can be suitable for high density developments like apartments or mix use commercial buildings etc.

Once you find out which zone is your land falls under, than you can look for, if any Overlays affecting your land.
Some properties might not be affected by any overlays, but some do have overlay controls. The reason for the overlays are to protect things like heritage and vegetation or show areas that need special care, like areas that are prone to flooding.

You can get a FREE PROPERTY REPORT to find out which zones and overlays applies to your property.

Once these zones and overlays have been researched carefully, than the subdivision process can start.

The first thing you will need for subdivision is a Town Planning Permit,

Find out more about Town Planning Permit & Stages of a Town Planning Permit

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