Q. Do I need to have a town planning permit before getting a building permit?

A. Yes, you must have a town planning permit, if you have divided the land and then planning to build on it. You don’t require planning permission for constructing a house on a piece of land you own or if you are refurbishing and old house.


Q. Is a building permit same as a planning permit?

A. No, a planning permit and a building permit are two different things. A town planning permit is required when you are making changes to the land, i.e. dividing it into smaller segments. This is required for subdivision nor dual occupancy.

A building permit, on the other hand, is required when you are building a house or refurbishing it, without making any changes to the piece of land.


Q. Will getting a town planning permit also mean getting a building permit.

A. No, they are two entirely different permits. Town planning permit is needed if you are changing the size of the land. For e.g. you have a large piece of land and now you want to divide it into a number of smaller segments to sell off. Then you will need a planning permit only.

If you plan to build houses on these lands before selling it, then you would need a building permit.


Q. I have a piece of land and I want to build a house on it. Which permits do I need?

A. If you are building one house on the land, you need only one permit, which is the building permit. You do not need a planning permit.


Q. If I have a house and I want to make one more on my property, which permits do I need?

A. If you already have one house and now planning to build one more, you will need both the planning as well as the building purpose.


Q. What if I am remodeling my old house? Do I need a planning permit and a building permit for it?

A. Remodeling an old house required only building permit, not a planning permit.


Q. I am planning to knock down an old house and make a brand new house in its place. Which permits would I need?

A. If you are knocking down 1 house and rebuilding 1 house in its place you need only the building permit.


Q. Is getting a permit difficult?

A. Yes, a little bit. The formalities and paperwork for getting a permit can be tedious.


Q. Would you assist me completely if I hire you to get a town planning permit?

A. Yes, we have a 100 % track record in obtaining town planning permits for our clients all over Victoria. We will assist you in every single detail so that the whole procedure of getting a permit becomes effortless.


Q. Do I need to hire you after getting a permit?

A. No, the choice is completely yours. We do not want to lock you down and this is why we leave it for you to decide.