What Is Dual Occupancy  ?

Dual Occupancy is similar to  Multi Unit Development. As the name suggests, it means building two houses on a land. Building a second house at the rear of the existing dwelling or knocking down the first house to build two side by side dwellings.

Dual occupancy development requires a Town Planning Permit. . Most of our clients choose this option to live in one house and lease or sell the other. You also have the option to sell both of the houses to make profit.

When you want to renew your old home or make an investment, you can choose to go with Dual Occupancy Design. This method will allow you to make profit while building a brand new house. There are also other options available for our clients to choose from. Find out this options by Receiving a  FREE SITE REPORT.

Find out more about  Dual Occupancy Benefits.

OOnce,you understand the basics,you’ll be confident in taking the next step,which is making a decision. We encourage you to equip yourself with all the necessary information before making an investment.

When you have made up your mind,give us a call and we’ll arrange to survey your property. Than we will make all the arrangements required to meet your specific needs.

For free consultation and free site inspection please contact Archinspire.

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At Archinspire we offer great value with a fixed price contract & high level of personalised services. With our 100% success rate, we are ready to start your project immediately. For free consultation and free site inspection please contact Archinspire.


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search  The first stage of our work begins with a detailed research

information  We provide you with confidential information

think  We ffulfill the requirement of our client’s designs brief.

new  Receive a FREE SITE REPORT & find out about your investment opportunity

team  Our Clients have the chance to benefit from our teamwork.

time  We are able to use our time wisely in completing your project.

result  We make sure that our clients receive the maximum results.

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