Building Permit Process

A building permit is required before starting most of the building works. A building work can be a Custom Design Home, Dual Occupancy Development, Multi Unit Development, Demolition or Alterations to an existing dwelling. In many cases the builder offers to obtain the permit on behalf of the property owner.
It is always recommended to check out which building work requires a building permit
and which does not. This can be easily checked through your local Council or a qualified building surveyor.
If the building work requires a Town Planning Permit first, than building permit cant be issues till town planning permit is granted.

Getting a building permit requires the following items below:

1. A completed building permit application form
2. The permit application fee plus the statutory levies and referral costs.
3. Working Drawings to show compliance with the Building Regulations – ie:
•Copies of architectural drawings. Plans must be to scale and include-
•Floor plan (each floor level), including, where necessary, a roof plan
•External and sectional elevations
•Details ie footings and framing members
•A site plan including a north point, allotment dimensions, nearest street/intersection, any easements, position of building(s) on site, levels and stormwater layout
•Evidence of suitability that a material or design meets its performance requirement or deemed to satisfy provision
NB- In the case of alterations and additions, plans of existing site conditions with the new work clearly differentiated
•Details of any town planning permit and endorsed plans ( if required )
•Soil report (2 copies)
•3 copies of engineer structural drawings and computations
• A Bushfire Prone Areas Report
•3 copies of the project specifications
Documents that may be required to accompany application
•Re-establishment survey plan prepared by a licensed land surveyor (2 copies)
•Evidence of domestic building warranty insurance if the cost of building work is over $12,000 (if not owner/builder) NB- You must have a written ‘major domestic’ building contract when using certain tradespersons where the cost of building work is over $5000.
• A Copy of Report & Consent Approved by the relevent council if necessary.
•A Storm Water Drainage Design to Legal Point of Discharge (Obtained from the relevant council).
•Details of any protection of adjoining property before and during building work
• A 6-Star Energy Rating Report
•Details of any precautions to protect the safety of the public before and during the building work.

At Archinspire we offer to complete :
– Working Drawings
– Engineer structural drawings
– A Storm Water Drainage Design to Legal Point of Discharge
– A 6-Star Energy Rating Report
If the client request – we can organise the remaining paperwork to obtain the building permit.

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