Benefits of Dual Occupancy Development

Buying a property suitable for a  dual occupancy can be a great way to get started as a home owner. One of the basic requirements is a sufficient space, which is related to the size and north orientation of the land. From 12m to 20m wide frontage is ideal for a dual occupancy development. Another requirement is the sufficient vehicle entrance and the exit access. ( an electricity pole or a nature strip tree can effect the design of the dual occupancy development )
Dual occupancy development can be great investments as they are very popular these days. These are some of the unique set of advantages that dual occupancy can offer:

– One of the big advantages is the option to rent one side out while you live in the other. This is particularly attractive for those just entering the market, as you can subsidise your own housing costs.
– It can also suit those buyers looking for affordability in high demand areas.
– It can be an ideal set up if you had an elderly parent to look after as duplexs offer flexibility, You can split the purchase with family or investment partners.

If your duplex is your primary residence then you may have the ability to use the potential rental income factored into the financing. It will depend on how the lender views you.
So if don’t mind sharing your garden, it’s a great way to get started as a homeowner.

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